How did China deal with COVID-19 and past this disaster

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I am a Chinese girl and I knew the coronavirus (COVID-19) earlier than people living here.
Now this disease has largely passed in China, so how did China deal with it and past this disaster?
I interviewed my friend in China, and he told me how they dealt with the disease in China.
He introduced: “At first, there were lots of tests every day. And for some people with symptoms, they needed to be tested more than once or even twice,because they initially tested negative but later tested positive.
Secondly, China made all patients in hospitals to be treated after many medical teams supported the worst-hit areas — Wuhan city, Hubei province.
Also China has built two specialized hospitals and more than 10 temporary hospitals in order to treat a large number of patients. This measure also prevents the spread from patients with mild.
In addition, social networking is banned in all provinces to prevent human-to-human transmission. “
Now my friend had return to work and life has returned to normal for most people in China.
Recently Chinese medical teams are beginning to help other countries deal with the outbreak. Hopefully the world will turn around soon and people all over the world are healthy and happy.

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