Manchester airport and COVID-19: a point-of-view

Written by Paul Harrison

Airports are starting to see the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many travellers are choosing to remain in the UK, with some regular destinations also on lockdown.

Our reporter Michael Saliba has been on the ground at Manchester Airport.

Check-in at Manchester Airport operating at a much lower capacity

“The first thing that struck me as I drove into the airport was the noise, or more to the point the lack of noise. There are no flights in the sky, no bustling of people and no check in desks with waiting queues.

“I make my way through security in record time. They seem in high spirits. I get a few odd looks when I tell them I’m heading to Spain.

“‘I hope you’ve packed some hand sanitiser!’ says one.

All of the flights of the day can be displayed on one board, including 2 cancellations. The lack of flights means a lack of announcements. In fact, since sitting down to write this I haven’t heard one.

“It is eerie here. There are many reports of the airline industry collapsing due to COVID-19, and a first hand look at Manchester makes this abundantly clear. How long this will continue for is anybody’s guess, but if the situation doesn’t improve soon we could be looking at airports all around the country closing their doors.”

Written by Paul Harrison

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