Councillor praises reaction against far-right stickers in Norfolk Park

Written by Robyn Chowdhury

A Sheffield councillor has supported community action against far-right stickers found near Norfolk Park last week.

The stickers, exclaiming “This is our land”, “Everyone deserves a homeland” and “China lied, people died” were found on Granville Road.

All three stickers have since been covered with positive messages such as “No-one is illegal”, “Migration is life, open borders” and other anti-racist slogans.

A message put up beside the stickers said: “The only people not welcome in Norfolk Park are racist scumbags – go peddle your ignorance elsewhere.”

Ben Miskell, Councillor for Park and Arbourthorne, said the community had united together to condemn the stickers brought into the area.

“The strength of feeling in our neighbourhood against those who are seeking to divide us has been overwhelming,” he said.

The slogans are thought to be the work of Hundred-Handers, a group of right-wing activists who operate across the UK.

Two men were arrested and released under investigation last week in connection with Hundred-Handers’ coronavirus-related stickers in Sheffield.

Cllr Miskell said: “Norfolk Park is a diverse and lovely community and we don’t care about the colour of someone’s skin or where in the world they, or their family, might have originated from.”

A Yorkshire based activist, who chose not to be named, also expressed gratitude to the community’s reaction against the stickers:

“People, the local media and the police have shown that racism and division aren’t mainstream in Sheffield.”

Earlier this year, several Hundred-Handers stickers were placed at Sheffield’s City Branch HSBC, with statements like “Unity is Strength, Diversity is Weakness” ,”We’re more than a passport. BLOOD & SOIL” and “It’s okay to be white”.

Data from South Yorkshire Police has revealed reports of racially or religiously motivated crime have increased since 2015. Notably, racial or religiously motivated harassment has increased sevenfold in four years.

Written by Robyn Chowdhury

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