Doncaster woman to donate hundreds of quality hand creams to NHS staff

Written by Roland Sebestyen

A fundraiser launched by a Doncaster woman is providing hand creams to hundreds of NHS staff on COVID-19 wards.

Lucy Jayne Laycock, 21, said she was inspired to help staff after seeing the struggles of those who work day and night in the NHS.

“I have three family members who work in the NHS. They aren’t frontline but their hands are sore, so I couldn’t begin to think how painful it is the closer you get to them coronavirus wards.

“Hand creams will help put the moisture back into the skin that washing all the time loses, and it’s also a nice treat for the nurses and doctors involved too.

“I’ve already had 331 hand creams on me and I’d like to get another 500 on top of that.”

She said most of the hand creams have come from donations. She has received large-scale donations from Free The Birds and Doncaster Municipal Funerals, but other than these she’s relied on small individual donations.

Lucy added she’d started her second cycle of fundraising and had a couple of different areas in mind.

“We currently have hand creams going to seven hospitals, with another ten wards planned in four different Lincolnshire hospitals and hospices.

“So, it’s not just South Yorkshire. Some of our units will go to Peterborough and then I’m going to go to North Yorkshire.”

She said although she didn’t make any money from her fundraising, some people were quite harsh when she posted her plans in online groups, forums.

“I get a lot of comments about why I’m not just going to Aldi and getting hand cream for 79p?

“If I could get out to an Aldi then yeah great idea but I also don’t want to take everything they’ve got and leave others without any.

“I’d rather leave the public supply chain intact and take from additional sources.”

Lucy added she wanted to help as many people as she could, and she had a bigger beast to go after, so the nay-sayers wouldn’t be able to stop her from helping those in need.

Written by Roland Sebestyen

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