Mystery carving in support of NHS appears in Loxley – Outlaw Robin strikes again?

Written by Greg Ford

Loxley has gained a mystery new artistic monument dedicated to the NHS after a carving appeared in the village last week.

Residents awoke to find the stone carving at the edge of a green on Rodney Hill last Thursday morning but no-one has any idea who has put it there.

Reactions to the piece have been positive, with users on Facebook describing the tribute as “beautiful” and suggesting that “people will cherish this sculpture and the people it represents for all time.”

Local artists responded to the post saying they were unsure of its origin, with the only clue on the piece itself being the inscription “WN”.

One theory suggests it could be the work of the infamous Outlaw Robin Loxley, an underground artist who hit the headlines after giving away free cash across the city last year.

Twitter users have suggested there are similarities between this work and the sculpture “Scissors” in Kelham island which Robin created to pay tribute to Sheffield’s industrial past and lament its decline.

The Outlaw himself is notoriously secretive about his activities. He said: “All I can tell you at this stage is the artist does not want to be named and has not done it for recognition.”

Outlaw Robin Loxley, who has been dubbed the Sheffield Banksy, has paid tribute to the work of the NHS during the current pandemic on his Instagram page in recent weeks.

We may never know if this carving is his work or not but his response suggests there may be more in store from the mysterious outlaw.

Written by Greg Ford

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