Social distancing police cyclists brighten the days in North East Sheffield

Written by Roland Sebestyen

Two police officers became instant local celebrities this week during their lockdown cycle patrols.

PC Bly and PC Morfitt, of Sheffield North East Neighbourhood Team, have been cycling around North East Sheffield and offering friendly words to passers-by.

“On the bikes we greet nearly every person we pass, which is just not possible in police cars.

“We’ve had more people speak to us, pass us intelligence and report which is fantastic and will feed into our longer-term work in the North East of the city,” said PC Bly.

“I’ve been told we’ve also brightened a few family’s days, with kids getting very excited to see us on their street, something that has cheered us up too.”

Credit: South Yorkshire Police

They said they knew how much social interaction means for people during the pandemic so they decided to go back to the basics.

He added the bicycles gave them a bigger deal of flexibility too, so they can now reach areas that they were unable to in the past, including parks.

Don’t let the friendly façade fool you though: the police officers are rather serious when it comes to stepping up to people who are looking for trouble.

According to PC Bly, the agility a bike can provide has helped them to identify lockdown breaches. The officers have made a number of arrests and seized a number of vehicles violating lockdown rules around their patch.

Written by Roland Sebestyen

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