South Yorkshire Police Crime Map taken down because of Coronavirus

Written by Sahana Venugopal

The South Yorkshire Police Crime Map that tracks crimes and incidents committed across cities like Sheffield was taken down from the police website. 

The street-level statistical mapping of incidents including burglary, sexual crime, violent offences, and anti-social behavior was an invaluable tool for residents and professionals.

Users could monitor streets near their own home to learn what kind of crime was committed in past months and years, what police action had been taken, the legal status of cases, and whether or not the offender was prosecuted.

A blank white space or an error message met viewers who went to access the interactive crime recording map.

Those who followed the link to the national website and searched the Your Area section were met with the following message: “We have temporarily suspended the Your area section of the site. This is to prioritise providing access to key policing services to support the response to Covid-19. We’ll be restoring it in the near future, but for the time being you can still access crime data and local force information on” 

As of today those who wished to access the interactive crime map were instead redirected to the Office for National Statistics. Users can also download crime data or send a request through the Police API documentation section for information about crimes at the local street and neighbourhood level.

Visitors to the site can still view news and appeals published by the South Yorkshire Police.

A banner over the police map’s original location, said: “We are committed to transparency and, as such, we aim to provide you with information to help you to not only see what your local neighbourhood team is doing to combat crime but identify the different types of crime.

“Also, by being able to see crime statistic mapped out, you can be better prepared to protect yourself.”

The South Yorkshire Police Media Enquiries team did not respond to calls requesting a statement.

Written by Sahana Venugopal

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