Crabtree and Fir Vale see highest number of coronavirus deaths in South Yorkshire

Written by Matilda Smith

The areas of Crabtree and Fir Vale in Sheffield are the worst hit by coronavirus deaths in South Yorkshire, an ONS report has revealed.

Between 1 March and 17 April this year, 18 people in the Sheffield authority died as a direct result of being infected with the disease.

The figure rose to 35 when taking into account all deaths in which Covid-19 was the underlying or contributory cause.

Other areas across the county with high death rates included Kimberworth Park in Rotherham, with 13 confirmed deaths, Wombwell South in Barnsley, Woodhouse Mill and Norton & Norton Lees in Sheffield, and Dinnington and Wombwell South in Rotherham, all with 9 coronavirus deaths.

Walker Road in Kimberworth Park in Rotherham [Image credit: Ian S]

There have been a total of 376 coronavirus related deaths in Sheffield, 249 in Rotherham, 254 in Doncaster and 211 in Barnsley. Although Sheffield, with a population of over 500,000, has seen the highest number of deaths in South Yorkshire, the city’s coronavirus death rate when taken proportionally is actually the lowest in the county.

Rotherham, meanwhile, with a much smaller population size of about 250,000, has the highest death rate in South Yorkshire.

Doncaster has seen a relatively low and sparse number of coronavirus deaths, with no local authority witnessing more than 5 deaths between March and April.

The ONS has also revealed that the highest death rates in the UK are in heavily urban and deprived areas of the county.

These trends have largely aligned with coronavirus deaths across South Yorkshire, with the most deprived areas witnessing higher rates of Covid-19 related deaths.

Sheffield viewed from Hunter house [Image Credit: Andrew Tryon]

However, despite Sheffield’s size and urban development, the city has a relatively smaller proportion of coronavirus deaths than other large cities.

London, Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, and Cardiff all have proportionally higher coronavirus death rates.

According to The Star, there were 2170 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Sheffield as of 2 May.

Although this remains one of the highest in the UK, the relatively low death rate demonstrates that the high figure of cases is more to do with the higher rates of testing for the virus, rather than the city being a centre of coronavirus infection.

Written by Matilda Smith

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