Sheffield schoolboy raises £714 for the NHS in a walk honouring Sir Captain Tom Moore

Written by Emily Atkinson

An inspirational schoolboy has raised £714 for the NHS after completing a 100-lap walk inspired by the legacy of Sir Captain Tom Moore.

Jamie Ashworth, 8, from Frecheville, challenged himself to walk 100 laps around the field – known to the community as ‘The Triangle’ – near his home as part of a ‘100 challenge’ set by his school, Birley Primary Academy.

With the help of his Mum, Dad, Nan, brother and dog, Jamie completed his final lap this morning as he pushed his donations above the £700 mark.

“I was so happy for him that he had stuck with it until the end, because I think it would have been easy for him to have given up or decided it was too far – especially with the cold,” said his mum, Suzy Ashworth.

“We really had to layer up. We live quite high up in Sheffield, so it was -4°C at some points. So, for him just to see it through to the end – I am just really, really proud of him.”

Jamie’s walk began on Friday after school, his schoolmates and teachers beeping their horns and waving him on as they left for half-term.

For Mrs. Ashworth, what was so heartening about the reception from Jamie’s walk is the support he received from members of the community in Frecheville.

“On the second day we were walking round, a gentleman was just out for his walk in the evening and just handed us £20,” she said.

“A lady pulled up yesterday in a car and asked if it was Jamie, and told him ‘well done – it’s fantastic what you’re doing.’ The postman this morning, when he was doing his final lap, was stood cheering him on. It’s been really lovely.”

When Jamie and his family decided to turn the walk into a fundraiser, they had set their sights on gathering just £100 from friends and family.

“When it took off and reached £700 is was absolutely amazing. He’s just over the moon and really grateful – he just kept saying how thankful he was for all the donations,” added Mrs. Ashworth.

“I am very proud of him and I think it’s wonderful that Sir Captain Tom Moore’s legacy is inspiring the next generation.”

Written by Emily Atkinson

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