Sheffield City Council set to increase tax over Covid-19 worries

Written by Frazer MacDonald

An increase to council tax is being considered this morning in an attempt to raise funds for South Yorkshire Fire Service.

South Yorkshire Fire Service has seen their funding has decreased in the past year by £750,000.

Covid-19 has caused local council services to suffer due to the increase in people claiming benefits and mass business closure, which has resulted in a decrease in business tax revenue.

The service cites the amount of business closures as a leading cause of the issue.

The change will result in a small financial increase for taxpayers at 3p per week.

If the increase in council tax is approved, the fire service will gain an extra £530,000 this year, which will allow the service to employ fifteen new firefighters.

The decision is set to be made in a council meeting which will take place this morning.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Written by Frazer MacDonald

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