Renowned Sheffield street trader defies pandemic to set up shop in Millhouses

Written by Tom Hardwick

Credit: @Crumb.Sheffield

A Sheffield street trader which has thrived throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is set to launch a new restaurant in Millhouses. 

Pimlico Pizza started life as a food truck, serving pizzas to the people of Sharrow Vale. This meant, while Sheffield’s food and hospitality industry were decimated by three national lockdowns, they could still serve takeaways to their customers. 

Being able to adapt to ever-changing restrictions has boosted their business, but despite Pimlico Pizza’s success over the past year, its owners Imre Von Schreiber and Isabella Phillips are parking the truck for now.

They have secured a lease on the old Floor Decor shop on Abbeydale Road and will begin renovations to turn the unit into the area’s newest restaurant. 

Von Schreiber said: “We have been fortunate to live in this amazing city, with its brilliant hospitality community and support from loyal customers. Starting a restaurant will be a challenge, but we are hugely passionate and excited about what we do.”

The pandemic has severely impacted Sheffield’s economy. A business survey run by Sheffield City Council revealed that 58% of businesses in the city had seen cash flow worsen since the start of the pandemic, either significantly or to critical levels. 

The city’s food and hospitality industry has taken the brunt of this damage. The council report shows that nearly three quarters of businesses within this sector are operating at critical sales levels, meaning their sales and income have plummeted.  

Many well-known staples of the city’s food and drink scene have fallen victim to the pandemic since last March. Popular venues such as Harland Cafe and the Devonshire Cat were forced to close, making Von Schreiber and Phillips’ efforts even more remarkable. 

Phillips said: “The past 12 months has been a terrible time for everyone. Throughout the pandemic, we have used social media constantly to engage with the local community and without this, the business wouldn’t have thrived in the way it has.”

”We feel that it is the perfect place for a pizzeria/bakery, and we hope that we will compliment the other businesses in the area and deliver delicious food to our customers.”

Von Schreiber and Phillips aim to open the restaurant in the early summer.

Written by Tom Hardwick

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