Impact assessment recommends action to support mental wellbeing in Sheffield

Written by Izzie Pridmore

Poor mental health in the wake of the pandemic is set to be addressed in a meeting held by Sheffield Council on Wednesday following recommendations for action made in an Impact Assessment report.

The report forms part of a broader set of impact assessments commissioned by the Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board which found that on-going depression, anxiety and PTSD amongst people post-pandemic is likely.

Outlining what measures should be taken to reduce such impacts, the report advises Sheffield Council to increase the proportion of healthcare money spent on mental health services from the current 12 per cent.

Equally, it suggests Sheffield’s Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector should be strengthened in order to develop a framework for rapid and progressive commissioning of mental health services.

The report outlines how this would help create a response to changing community mental health support needs and service demands.

“There needs to be a review of the level of engagement with digital technology, particularly of people with severe and enduring mental health issues. Digital inclusion is not just about whether people have access to technology, it is also about whether or not they are able to engage with services via technology,” the report stated.

Held virtually, the council meeting will begin at 4.00pm on Wednesday 10 March.

Written by Izzie Pridmore

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