New investment to improve sustainability of Sheffield transport

Written by Amos Wynn

A Sheffield City Councillor has said South Yorkshire transport will prosper under Dan Jarvis’  £860m Renewal Fund.

The Regional Mayor’s plans for a Covid-19 renewal investment would revitalise the local economy and transform the area.

Cabinet Member for Transport and Development, Julie Grocutt, believes the funding can make Sheffield’s public transport system the ‘envy’ of the country.

She said: “Dan Jarvis has understood the importance of getting transport right, after a difficult time. I’m looking forward to working with him, to make sure we have a sustainable system that is fit for now and the future.

“There has been a lot of good work which I hope will come to fruition, now we have the funding, because it is the lifeblood for a lot of people.”

Councillor, Julie Grocutt, believes the funding will create a transport system fit for the people of Sheffield.

The first set of funding would invest £358m from the Mayoral Combined Authority to help South Yorkshire’s recovery throughout 2021 and 2022.

This would provide support for jobs and apprenticeships, help local businesses, revitalise high streets, produce better transport and protect the planet.

From 2022 onwards, the MCA would borrow £500m against its gainshare, to invest £300m into infrastructure and transport and £200m into jobs and skills.

On the Sheffield City Region website, Mr Jarvis stated the deal was “rewriting the rule book”.

He said: “Our plan sends a crystal-clear message of ambition and confidence: that South Yorkshire is open for business and ready to prosper.

“The Government may not be willing to back our region, but local leaders and I will not stand by and let our potential be squandered. We are sing powers and resources secured from Westminster, to invest in our people, our businesses and our towns and high streets.”

The South Yorkshire Renewal Fund will be considered for approval on Monday 22 March at the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority meeting.

Written by Amos Wynn

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