Sheffield performer held live charity concert online for Mother’s Day

Written by Jiaqi Hu

Credit: Stevie Moore

A local singer held an online live music performance yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Patricia Lynn Moore, who has 30 years of public performance experience, completed a live one hour show on Facebook. The guests were from far afield as Canada and Las Vegas.

The money raised from Ms. Moore’s concert is being donated to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

“It was to build the children’s cancer ward when I first joined four years ago,” Ms. Moore said. Now the funds raised every year are used not only for improving facilities and purchasing medical equipment, but also research to find a cure.

credit: Stevie Moore

Ms. Moore’s father inspired her by using music therapy to help elderly people.

Ten years ago, Ms. Moore’s father had dementia and was admitted in a care home. Since then, she has started singing some old songs in the care home, hoping to bring back their memories. “Elderly people react amazingly to old music. It helps to stimulate their memories,” Stevie Moore, the son of Ms. Moore, said.

Although most of her performances target the elderly, many young people are actively participating. Mr. Moore often joins in with his mother’s performances and they can play many different styles within the genre.

“I always find it uplifting to hear her sing,” Nicholas Horn, one member of the audience, said.

Ms. Moore and Mr. Moore are also often invited to participate in Music Makes Memories, an event of which everyone is welcomed to participate in one hour per week, free of charge.

“It’s just about loneliness and social isolation. It gives people something to look forward to, like normally they become long term events,” Kathy Markwick, a Freelance Community Consultant, said.

“We have different entertainers, they will bring something different.” She added.

Written by Jiaqi Hu

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