Sheffield councillors squabble over school crossing ahead of upcoming election

Written by Amber O'Connor

An ongoing social media spat between Sheffield city councillors has seen a Liberal Democrat candidate accused of spreading fake news.

The claim was made on the ‘Mosborough Ward Labour Councillors’ Facebook page over the weekend, where it was also claimed Liberal Democrats have “jumped on the bandwagon” to claim credit for a new crossing.

More Lib Dem Fake News

Lib Dem candidate trying to claim credit for the hard work put in by local Labour Councillor…

Posted by Mosborough Ward Labour Councillors on Saturday, 20 March 2021

Lord Mayor Tony Downing, Labour councillor for Mosborough, said: “They’re trying to claim credit for something that I fought hard for and got.”

Plans to begin work installing a new crossing on Station Road were announced last week, following years of demand for increased road safety measures from residents. The crossing will be located close to Halfway Nursery and Infant School and part time 20mph speed zones will be introduced during school drop off times.

The announcement comes after Liberal Democrat candidate Kurtis Crossland presented a petition to the council calling for a new crossing in February 2020. The petition, which gained 500 signatures, was launched by Mr Crossland and Mosborough councillors Gail Smith and Kevin Oxley.

The ‘Mosborough Ward Labour Councillors’ Facebook page claimed the new progress was thanks to the work of Cllr Dowling and Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts.

“I’m not saying they weren’t concerned, but Labour has taken over everything young Kurtis has done and claimed it as their own. Now I think that’s unfair,” said Cllr Smith.

She also said when petition was first presented to the council in early 2020, they were told the crossing wouldn’t be a possibility.

In October 2020 funding was then secured for the crossing.

Cllr Downing said he had been working toward this goal for over 10 years, with the limitations of the Council’s road safety budget meaning the crossing has only recently become feasible. He explained priority is given to roads where serious accidents have occurred, so it took time for this crossing to reach the top of the list.

“We’ve been talking about it for years. It had already been decided, before they even started the petition,” he added.

Posted by Mosborough Community Forum on Thursday, 18 March 2021

Both parties believe their opposition has claimed credit for the crossing because of the upcoming local election on 6 May.

“It’s politics,” Cllr Downing said, but added he was ultimately pleased with what has been achieved.

“As long as we get a crossing it doesn’t matter whose been campaigning because that’s not what I’m in politics for. I’m in politics because I want to make a difference in my area,” said Cllr Smith.












Written by Amber O'Connor

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