New community-focused pet food bank to launch in Sheffield

Written by Mark Harrison

Plans to create a food bank for Sheffield’s starving pets have taken off after one resident posted the idea on Facebook.

Alison Smith came up with the idea late in the evening on Sunday 25 April. Since then the Sheffield Pet Food Bank page has over 90 followers.

Ms Smith opened the page saying: “Sadly, lots of people are having to make this call [to not feed their pets] and this has been made even worse by the pandemic.

“[The food bank] ultimately will prevent abandonment, abuse and the need for pets to be put into re-homing centres that are already over subscribed with abandoned animals.”

In 2020 the RSPCA said about 40 pets a day are being abandoned across England and Wales.

Animal charity Dogs Trust warned in June 2020 up to 40,000 dogs could be at risk of abandonment in the fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

Dogs Trust Chief Executive Owen Sharp said: “In these extraordinary times we know that circumstances can change in a heartbeat. The sad reality is that in times of financial hardship many people struggle to cope with looking after their pets, and the number of abandoned dogs has gone up. We saw this in 2008, and we’re extremely concerned that history could repeat itself in the coming months.”

Credit: Sheffield Pet Food Bank

Numerous people have said they will be donating to the new food bank this week and Ms Claire is currently in contact with Sheffield City Council and other food banks to try and find a unit to run the food bank from.

Ms Smith wrote on the page: “It is amazing to see a community come together like this. Thank you so much.”

There are currently donation stations in S5, S8, S20 and S25, based in the houses of volunteers.

More information can be found on Facebook.









Written by Mark Harrison

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