Uncertainty remains despite 15,000 missing council ballots update

Written by Mark Harrison

Voters are continuing to voice their concerns over the 15,000 postal votes that went undelivered in Sheffield last week.

Sheffield City Council on 1 May said that they believed the remaining postal votes “landed on doorsteps” that day.

Council CEO Kate Josephs urged voters on Twitter to complete their postal votes as soon as possible, saying: “You have until Wednesday to get them in the post.

“You can also hand deliver your postal vote to the Town Hall or at your local polling station by 10pm on Thursday 6 May.”

However, some voters are still worried about whether their vote will be counted after the delay.

Alasdair Menmuir on Twitter, claimed he had not received his ballot on 1 May, and he was concerned whether he could vote as he is not in Sheffield on election day.

Some voters have said on social media that after they had contacted elections@sheffield.gov.uk they had a ballot delivered to them by hand the same day.

Per the Electoral commission data, in 2019 there were 707,569 registered postal voters in Yorkshire and the Humber, making up 17.7% of the electorate.



Written by Mark Harrison

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