Woman who bit and racially abused police officers fined £300 at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court

Written by Aditi Rane

A Sheffield woman who racially abused and bit a police officer on the arm was given a 12-week suspended sentence and fined £300 at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Trina Talbot, 49, had been drinking in her Harborough Avenue home on 19 April last year, when two police officers showed up after a domestic incident complaint was made against her. They tried to take her to the police station but she was feeling unwell so refused and became verbally aggressive, said defence solicitor Mr Hague.

Talbot then sat on her sofa as PC Green struggled to handcuff her and proceeded to bite her on the arm. When PC Green tried to warn her colleague, PC Jalil, that Talbot had tried to bite her, she said: “I haven’t tried to bite you, I have bitten you, you stupid c***”, Mr Hague told the magistrates.

Talbot then proceeded to racially abuse PC Jalil, calling her a “black c***”, the court heard.

In mitigation, Mr Hague said Talbot was aware of how serious her actions were but was impaired by her alcohol consumption. She did not want the officers approaching her as they did not have masks on and Talbot had a series of health concerns, including the fact that she was recovering from cancer.

The court was told: “Talbot is very candid. She knows her circumstances are not an excuse but perhaps an explanation for her actions.”

Magistrates also ordered Talbot to attend 10 rehabilitation days for alcohol treatment. £200 of the fine will be given to PC Green and PC Jalil as compensation.

Written by Aditi Rane

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