DMA’s Matt Mason talks about the band’s first post-Covid gig

Written by Aditi Rane

Lead guitarist of DMA’s, Matt Mason, said the band is looking forward to playing for some of the “most passionate” fans in the world at Tramlines this year .

The band will be performing for the first time since the pandemic, headlining alongside The Streets, The Kooks and Pale Waves on the first day of the festival weekend, 23 July.

Mason said: “UK fans are the most passionate music fans compared to anywhere else in the world. The crowds are crazy, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not, they get there as soon as the doors open.

“They stay for the supporting bands as well, which really says something about how much they like music.”

The Australian Rock band said they are looking forward to finally playing their album “The Glow” post-lockdown in Sheffield, as they did not get the chance to play much of it after its initial release.

Over the lockdown, the band has had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists from other genres, such as rap and punk, with whom Mason says they would not normally have been in touch.

“This is stuff I wouldn’t normally have time to do, so you’re going to see songs written from different artists in different parts of the world who have made music together.

“Unfortunately, you won’t see much of these collabs at Tramlines because at festivals you want to play songs you know the fans know and love.”

When asked about his favourite place in Sheffield, Mason named Malaysian restaurant on Trippet Lane, Noodle Doodle.

“In our group chat when we find out we’re playing in Sheffield, it’s immediately like ‘Noodle Doodle, let’s do it’. In Australia, we’re really close to a lot of Asian countries, so the Asian food there is really good, and we find it difficult to find authentic stuff in the UK”, he told SheffieldWire.

Tramlines tickets have now sold out, but Mason assures fans that DMA’s plan to make the most of their trip to the UK and will most likely perform at other venues.

Written by Aditi Rane

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