Sheffield science team wins prestigious award for care thanks to new support method

Written by Michael Robinson

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The neurology team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals were awarded the 2021 QI Innovation Award from the American Academy of Neurology for their ‘Pick, Tick and Click’ method used in treating Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

This method aims to streamline the process of managing patient’s needs and improve the quality of care and support they receive, according to the hospital.

The team was lead by Specialist Registrar and Clinical Teacher at the University of Sheffield, Dr Mahjabin Islam and was supervised by Dr Thomas Jenkins and Professor McDermott.

Other members involved in the project were Specialist Registrar, Dr Ahmed Mubarak Mohamed, MND Nurse Theresa Walsh and Clinical Admin Co-ordinator Annette Taylor.

Dr Islam said: “I feel incredibly honoured to receive the 2021 QI Innovation award in recognition of our work to provide accessible, compassionate care for patients living with Motor Neurone Disease.

“We tailor our service based on national guidelines, evidence, and patient feedback and aim to continuously improve the quality of care for our patients.”

Dr Islam and her team will be able to present their work in America once pandemic restrictions have been eased.

Motor Neurone Disease is an incurable neurological condition that affects the brain and nerves and worsens over time. This can lead to issues with breathing, feeding, nutrition, mobility and mental health. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has assigned specialists to help patients suffering with MND.

They say this provides easy to access information and support for patients and has seen an improvement in managing their condition.

MND can significantly shorten the lives of those affected and eventually leads to death.

It is a rare condition which mainly affects those in their 60s and 70s, but can affect people of any age.

The Patient Services Awards were created by the American Academy of Neurology to recognise those dedicated to improving the lives of patients through advocacy, quality improvement, or service.

Written by Michael Robinson

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