Gary Allen trial – The accused found pleasure in planning and executing attacks on prostitutes, Court heard

Written by Hannah Richardson

A man accused of murdering two women had a ‘strong dislike and distrust’ of women and believed prostitutes were the ‘lowest of the low’, Sheffield Crown Court heard today.

Gary Allen, 47, is accused of murdering Rotherham mum, Alena Grlavkova, 38, in 2018 and Samantha Glass, 29, from Hull in 1997.

He denies the charges.

The court heard Allen had a history of violence towards women, including attacks on two sex workers in Plymouth in 2000.

The second victim of these attacks, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave evidence to the jury today.

Recalling the attack, she said Allen had asked for oral sex and the pair had moved to a more secluded location. Once there, she requested payment and Allen had allegedly grabbed her by the throat, before putting her in a headlock.

She said: “He was just squeezing, just squeezing my neck. I was struggling. He dragged me and I fell on the floor. I fell on my back. I tried to get up, but he held me down somehow.

“I screamed ‘somebody help me. He’s attacking me.’ I think I shouted it three times.

“He was punching me. I was trying to get him off me. He tried to put his hand on my mouth. He was trying to get his fingers in my mouth. I bit him.”

She claims he then started punching her in the back of her head before running away, yelling ‘wh*re’ back at her as he left.

The court also heard evidence from Rosemary Parkes who met Allen when working as his seconded probation officer.

She was responsible for assessing whether or not a prisoner should be released on parole.

Allen had been convicted of the indecent assault of two sex workers in 2000 and sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

Mrs Parkes claimed in their meetings Allen spoke to her about his feelings towards prostitutes and towards women generally.

She said: “He spoke openly about his strong dislike of prostitutes and his dislike and distrust of women in general.

“He described prostitutes as being scum, the lowest of the low.

“He targeted prostitutes as they go with anyone and he stated also that he gained pleasure from hurting and that builds from the planning stage.”

She told the jury Allen had told her he still had the desire to hurt people and did not think he could change.

Allen did not appear in court today. No reason for his absence was given, but the jury was advised to not hold it against him.

He denies two counts of murder. The trial will resume on Monday.

Written by Hannah Richardson

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