James Coppinger states he’s “loved every minute’ at Doncaster

Written by Amos Wynn

(Photo credit: Doncaster Free Press).

Doncaster’s James Coppinger states his motivation throughout his career was always to be happy.

The 40-year-old is preparing to make his final appearance for Rovers this weekend, ahead of his retirement from football.

After spending 17 years in South Yorkshire, he states his good relationship with the club is behind his long stay.

He said: “We’ve been loyal with each other. There have been opportunities to leave, which in some cases I haven’t found out until after, but Doncaster have always matched my expectations. I have spoken to lads who have left, and I’ve told myself ‘the grass isn’t always greener’”

“I never felt the need to leave. I’ve never played for money, my motivation is to play football and to be happy, which is why I’ve stayed here.”

Although Doncaster has now become home for Coppinger, it wasn’t instant love at first sight.

“I remember walking through the door at Belle Vue with the porta cabins thinking what the hell is this, but as soon as I walked into the dressing room I felt at home and that hasn’t changed, I’ve loved every minute.”

He also admits an early conversation with former manager Dave Penney convinced him he had joined the right club.

“I had been at a team that were used to losing every week and were stuck in that mentality, so I spoke to Dave (Penney) and asked him what the difference was and why they were doing so well.

“He just said: ‘we are huge on team spirit; we’ve got a fantastic group of players who work hard for each other.’”

Coppinger also admits the match in which he was scouted by Doncaster was far from perfection.

“I remember the game; it was a tough one away in terrible conditions, but I’m glad I played. I was so grateful to get the chance to come back up north and join a club on the up and flying high.”

Written by Amos Wynn

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