Protesters chain themselves to the ground at Doncaster Amazon warehouse

Written by Athena Stavrou

By Lauren Kelly and Jacob Waters

Two Extinction Rebellion protesters have chained themselves to the ground outside the Amazon warehouse in Doncaster.

The protest is expected to last all of Black Friday weekend, with 12 activists blocking the entrance and exit for delivery vans.

The group said they plan to stay there for 48 hours, the whole of Black Friday weekend, a busy time for Amazon.

One protester who wished to remain anonymous said Amazon is a: “Picture perfect storm of a rubbish company that exploits their workers and that’s why we’re here.”

Another worker said they had been there since 4am this morning when it was dark and cold.

A 10foot bamboo structure has been built outside of the exit making it difficult for any drivers to go in or out.

South Yorkshire police are currently monitoring the protest.

Written by Athena Stavrou

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