South Yorkshire Police recruit strategic lead to fight violence against women and girls

Written by Molly Powell

South Yorkshire Police have recruited a new strategic lead for the prevention of violence against women and girls this afternoon.

Natalie Shaw, the new lead and former Chief Superintendent, wanted to return in a new role at this crucial time, when the nation is still mourning the losses of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa.

She said she began advising her daughter on how to be safe on nights out and she did not have to have any similar conversations with her son when he was the same age. 

South Yorkshire Police said all women will experience some kind of violence during their lifetime, and is determined to make future generations’ experiences different. 

The new strategic lead emphasised that women’s safety is paramount.

She added: “It’s not just murder that’s the issue here – it’s the domestic violence, the rape, it’s going out for a jog and being uncomfortable when you are wolf-whistled.”

Her first objective is to have a deep understanding of the violence taking place, and is developing a national plan.

She said: “The solution was easy, we would have done it already.” 

She also wants to make communication easier, and encourage victims to come forward as soon as possible, whether this be to police, teachers or parents.

Shaw is hoping to change the fact that women have to live in a world where they have to think about which way to walk home to avoid being attacked.

Written by Molly Powell

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