Storm Arwen: “There will be more deaths”

Written by Jessica Lionnel

The “danger to life” storm poses a significant threat to South Yorkshire’s homeless.

Amber warning winds are expected to reach highs and cause damage to buildings and transportation across tonight and tomorrow.

Charley Fedorenko, 43, Deputy Manager of Emmaus Sheffield said: “It is hideous. Imagine if you are on the street with nowhere to go. Imagine the place where you go to sleep being full of wind. It is horrendous. There is money out there that isn’t being used. There are people out on the street that don’t have food and clothing. There will be more deaths”

A local homeless man, who wishes to remain anonymous, stressed how dangerous the bad weather is.

He said: “It’s going to be freezing. It’s not very nice at all. I don’t have anywhere to go and I will sleep in the Peace Gardens tonight”

Barnsley council warned via twitter to “take care when out on the roads or while walking”.

Barnsley Council and Sheffield City Council have yet have to release a statement on how it will help homeless people during this time.


Written by Jessica Lionnel

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