Delivery drivers to go on strike next week

Written by Megan Thomas

Delivery drivers will go on strike from 6 December in response to proposed pay cuts.

Couriers who work for the third-party company Stuart, and deliver for JustEat, held a protest last Saturday and now plan to escalate to a strike on Monday.

Bahador Roshan, a driver for Stuart, said: “If I can’t pay my rent I have to move my family.

“It is losing hope for the future, it is like a nightmare.”

Despite the snow, over 100 people attended last weekend’s protest, including Olivia Blake, MP for Sheffield Hallam.

She said: “Stuart couriers have helped keep Sheffield going through the pandemic. For them to be rewarded with a pay cut like this is not acceptable.”

Stuart’s new pay model will see deliveries under half a mile earn the rider a payment of £3.40, instead of the previous £4.50.

Drivers will also be required to cover their own vehicle costs.

Protestors gather in Fargate in the snow

Photos by IGWB Union

A Stuart spokesperson said these deliveries under half a mile only account for 4% of total deliveries.

The spokesperson added: “We will continue to guarantee pay per hour that is among the highest in the sector.”

Parirs Dixon, chair of the Sheffield Couriers & Logistics Branch of the IWGB Union, said: “We are striking because we deserve a pay rise, not a pay cut.

“We are already pushed to the limit, but if this pay cut goes through, we will have to work harder and longer to make the same money.”

Written by Megan Thomas

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