Food stalls divide opinion among traders as Christmas Market makes pandemic return

Written by Sromona Bhaumik

The number of food stalls at Sheffield’s Christmas market has divided opinion among traders, with some becoming frustrated at their dominance over more traditional offerings.

Some traders told Sheffield Wire that they gave local people an opportunity to dive into diverse cultures through different types of food, but other owners thought the food stalls were getting far more attention than other shops at the market.

One of the stall owners said: ”I definitely think there are too many food stalls at the market and it doesn’t quite go with the Christmas theme. I think it takes a lot of people’s attention.”

Fargate Christmas Market, Sheffield

Fargate Christmas Market, Sheffield

Two other owners at the market, who sell authentic honey based products for bee-keeping, said: ”I think there are a lot of food stalls and most of the things they are selling around here are not really festive as it should be. I think the organisers could definitely make this better. But I think the reason why there are so many Christmas food stalls is because it attracts many people to the Christmas market and an increased footfall which becomes important after a year of pandemic.”


The stall owner of 100% Vegan said: ”The markets have got bigger and better with all the different things they kind of have now. I think everybody sort of keeps up with the Christmas theme.”

Written by Sromona Bhaumik

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