Sheffield photographer opens live music exhibition at The Dorothy Pax

Written by Liam O'Connor

A new photo exhibition showcasing the live music industry in Sheffield is up and running at The Dorothy Pax music venue.

Sheffield-based photographer, Mal Whichelow, 68, (pictured with Barnsley-born singer Harriet Rose) has been ever-present at live music events over the past decade at a range of venues covering many genres.

The exhibition will remain until January 12, 2022, however the photos will be rotated each week and available for sale as print copies.

On opening the exhibition, Mal said: “It feels pretty good to have my work displayed. I’ve put it off for a while, but I think it’s time I put my photos out there in the real world rather than just online.”

Mal has earned local notoriety at music venues amongst both artists and audiences alike for his sharp images which capture those on-stage mid-performance.

His passion for photography started at a gig of local promoter Martin Bedford of the Honey Bee Blues Club and many up-and-coming artists now contact Mal for headshots and professional photos.

Mal said: “I wasn’t happy with the photos I got that night on my phone so I went and bought a camera that would do the job.

“Even to this day I still wonder how to improve. I don’t think doubting yourself is a bad thing because it makes you look for ways to do things better.

“Once you think you know it all you will never develop, no pun intended”.

Mal, who was originally born in London however has resided in Sheffield for most of his life, was delighted that many local venues managed to survive the period of closure due to COVID restrictions.

“It’s a real shame that Sheffield lost some venues during the pandemic but it’s great that The Dorothy Pax, Sidney & Matilda and West Street Live managed to struggle through it.

“I was able to photograph Cellar Door Moon Crow recently, you should check them out. Mollyanna, FloodHounds, Steal The City, Solar Love Society, the list goes on.

“There is so much talent in Sheffield.”

Indie-Go Bar and Sidney and Matilda in Sheffield will also be showcasing Mal’s work throughout December through a combination of framed photos and projections.


Written by Liam O'Connor

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