Sheffield photographer sets up christmas scene on her driveway

Written by Meng Feng

A photographer has arranged a Christmas scene on her driveway to raise money for Hallam FM Cash for Kids in Waverley, Rotherham.

The photographer did the same last year, raising £3,500, and aims to be bigger and better this year. 

The scene features Christmas trees, a backdrop and a snow machine.

The only concern for the photographer, Hayley Krik, is the unpromising weather forecast.

Few could attend last Saturday because of the snow.

Hayley said: “That is the only part that I can’t change, if it’s windy this week then we cannot do them.”

Mrs Kirk normally works as a wedding photographer, and due to so many cancellations over the last year, she needed another outlet to express her passion for photography. 

The Christmas shoots will be running from 10am to 2pm for the snow photos and 2:30pm to 3:30pm on Saturday. 


Written by Meng Feng

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