Covid Plan B could be “devastating” for hospitality trade

Written by Sofia Luis-Hobbs

COVID Plan B has caused a rise in last minute Christmas party cancellations, with one Sheffield restaurateur worried about the impact that will cause.

Stacey Sherwood-French, co-owner of Sheffield restaurant JÖRO, said: “We are just about covering lost reservations with waitlists, though if it gets much worse we will be facing considerable losses.”

The new restrictions which came into place earlier this week have created major concerns that another Christmas will be affected by Covid restrictions.

“It’s a worry for sure but all we can do is keep our diners safe as best we can. We missed out on one Christmas, to lose another would be devastating,” said Ms Sherwood-French.

Ms Sherwood-French said the restaurant was also seeing an increase in guests contacting them in advance to see what precautionary measures they were taking, with many still worried about the virus.

Though restaurants aren’t within the new measures, many have kept safety measures in place. Like other restaurants, JÖRO said staff were still wearing masks in the restaurant, social distancing is still being followed and they’re conducting routine Covid tests.

Written by Sofia Luis-Hobbs

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