VROOM VROOM… Disco Dave is that you? DVLA releases most unusual car names

A DVLA survey reveals Disco Dave, Beast and Bat Mobile are just some of the quirkiest names given to cars by their drivers.

With many taking inspiration from TV and film characters some four-wheel-motors have been named Betty Boop, Eeyore, Homer, Kermit, Mickey, Olaf, and Snow White. Hopefully their cars aren’t fall into a deep slumber any time soon.

Car with personality @M J Richardson

Car enthusiast, Connor Ward, said: “Of course you have to name your car.

“You spend so much of your time in it. It would be rude not to.

“My car is called sexy because I am basically married to the thing.”

However, sites such as Confused.com can generate a name for you by asking a few simple questions such as age, colour and personality.

The name generated for Connor’s, a 15 plate white Ford Fiesta with a sensible personality and film being the Italian job, is Austen.

Holly Keane, NHS worker, said: “I rely on my car so I like to talk to it every morning. Thanking her every day and hopefully it prolongs her life.

“I called mine Flo because she is cute. She’s a purple Fiat 500 so I just feel like I float every where I go.

“After 3 crashes she doesn’t really drive as well as she used to but she still suits it.”

Holly Keane and her car, Flo

Many use the first letter of their registration plate or the colour of their cars for inspiration of many imaginative motor monikers but sites such as Parade Entertainment have complied a list of the world best car names.

The top five include: Desdamona, Eleanor, Terminator, Indestructible and Drum.

One in six people surveyed name their car and people being aged between 35-53 are most likely to do so. Just over 26 percent were aged 16-34.

Tell us what you name your car! Do you think your car has a name we’ve not yet heard of? Let us know on Twitter.

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