“It feels like a stab in the back”: Salon in Crookes left vandalised with smashed windows

Written by Athena Stavrou

A salon in Crookes had its windows smashed in on Saturday night, leaving the owner “sad and frustrated”.

According to CCTV footage, the incident occurred between 3am and 4am, when an unknown suspect threw concrete through Salon 130’s window on Crookes High Street.

Lauren Adams, the owner of the salon said: “It feels like a stab in the back.

“We’ve gone through 10 months of being closed with Covid and now I feel like I need to plough money into the business when I haven’t got any and it shouldn’t be necessary.”

Following the damage, the community came together to support the local business.

Ms Adams said: “The community response was brilliant, even random people that I don’t know searched for the salon on Facebook and tried to contact me there to help.”

According to the owner, there was another attempt to gain entry to her salon a few nights ago, which failed. Despite the damage to the window on Saturday, no goods were taken, and there are no valuables left in the shop overnight.

Caroline Taylor, a senior stylist at the salon said: “It’s a lovely community and it’s so unusual to see such random acts of violence, we’re trying to build the business back up so it’s really quite sad and shocking.

We want the other businesses to be aware and pull together as a community to act as a restraint against people who think they can behave like this.”

The police have been made aware of both attempted robberies, and the salon will be back open as normal from Wednesday.

Written by Athena Stavrou

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