Sheffield’s Kell Brook claims ‘King of the North’ title in a dominant win over Amir Khan

Written by Jack Lister

An electric atmosphere at the Manchester Arena promised box office entertainment as two experienced boxers went head to head in a hugely anticipated fight.

Saturday evening’s premier event, started with Brook setting the precedent by totally dominating the first round, who looked to be the more composed of the two fighters.

Brook and Khan, both aged 35, had been labelled as evenly matched fighters prior to the game. The result was far from close as Brook emphatically emerged as the victor in the sixth round.

Speaking to the media after the fight, Brook said: “I can live at peace with Amir Khan on my record,

“My mojo is back and I love this game. We will listen to loved ones and see, but I’m back, baby.”

After a barrage of direct hits onto Khan, Brook gained control of the fight as Khan wobbled through the opening exchanges.

During the second round, Khan momentarily began to grow into the fight. The Bolton-based fighter’s best trait was arguably his speed as he managed to negotiate the second round by avoiding some of Brook’s direct hits.

Normal action was shortly resumed, as Brook continued to prove his worth as the more dominant fighter, looking to deliver the match-winning blow as Khan suffered heavy facial damage.

A composed Kell Brook looked certain to supply the knock-out blow in the fifth round, but Khan was saved by the bell.

An end to the so-called contest came in round six as the referee, fearing for the safety of Khan, called an end to the fight after a dominant Kell Brook performance.

The Sheffield fighter said in a post match interview: “I can live at peace with myself, with my career now.”

Saturday’s fight was Brook’s 40th victory in his 17-year career as a professional boxer. Meanwhile the fight at the Manchester Arena represents only the sixth defeat in Amir Khan’s illustrious boxing career.

Written by Jack Lister

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