The heroes of Endcliffe Park: 78 years on from the Mi Amigo plane crash

Written by James Wilson

After two years of COVID restrictions and further postponements due to the weather over the weekend, a memorial service in honour of the Mi Amigo plane crash victims took place at St Augustine’s Church at Brocco Bank yesterday.

22 February will mark 78 years since a US B-17 aircraft called ‘Mi Amigo’ crashed in an area of woodland adjacent to Endcliffe Park due to engine failure during World War II.

The plane’s pilot, John Kriegshauser, was able to divert the aircraft away from a group of children playing in the park as it crashed into a forest nearby.

All ten members of the US air crew on board the plane perished in the crash. Pilot Kriegshauser was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for the courage he showed to sacrifice his crew in order to prevent the further loss of life in the park.

Unfortunately, the RAF were forced to cancel this year’s official remembrance ceremony at the Mi Amigo memorial at Endcliffe Park as a result of the ongoing adverse weather.

The Mi Amigo plane crash memorial in Endcliffe Park is kept in great condition by local resident Tony Foulds.

For decades, the memorial has been maintained by local resident Tony Foulds, who was a schoolboy back in 1944 and saw the crash take place.

Residents of Sheffield are welcome to pay their respects to the victims of the Mi Amigo plane crash on its anniversary tomorrow by visiting the memorial situated in Endcliffe Park.

Written by James Wilson

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