Doncaster Fire Update: Morris Metals confirm zero injuries in the fire

Written by Meng Feng

Morris Metals has confirmed there were no injuries in Friday’s fire after up to 45 firefighters were sent to tackle the recycling centre blaze.

Tom Morris, company director, confirmed there were no injuries and damage from the fire thanks to the company’s Fire Prevention Plan, which ensured the fire was contained to a single bay.

A massive fire broke out in one of eight bays at Morris Metals in Doncaster around 5:15 pm on 25 February. Nine fire engines and around 45 firefighters responded to the incident at a waste recycling site on Balby Carr Bank.

Roads were closed and local residents were being told to avoid the area, keep doors and windows shut and stay indoors.

In an initial message, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “Firefighters were mobilised shortly after 5.15 pm on Friday and expect to remain on the scene for a significant length of time.

“The fire involves mixed metals and industrial waste and covers an area around 100m by 40m in size.”

A high-volume pump was set up to support the firefighting operation, with specialist waste fire advisors also in attendance.

Two appliances remained on the scene on Saturday afternoon before departing after Sunday checks.

Mr Morris said: “At 17.15 on Friday evening a small fire started in a segregated waste pile at our Facility on Balby Carr. The fire spread through this pile but was contained within it by our fire containment storage walls.

“There are no injuries and there is no damage to any site infrastructure, with our containment strategy working to limit the size and scope of the fire.”

It is believed the fire was caused by a lithium ion battery for which these units cause fires on a weekly basis in the waste site.

He added: “We continue to impress on households, local authorities and government, the importance of responsible disposal of these devices. We would like to take the opportunity to thank South Yorkshire fire brigade for their assistance.”

Written by Meng Feng

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