“you call someone a dog they act like a dog”: Black Northern Women host Sheffield conference to support black women

Written by Luke Gyesi-Appiah


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Black Northern Women are hosting a conference to enable black women and their allies to connect with one another.

The event will be taking place on the 5th March at Sheffield Hallam University.

Black women and those who wish to support them are being encouraged to attend.

The theme is “break the bias” which represents the struggle that many black women face in regards to discrimination and misogyny.

Carol Stewart, 55,  the co-founder of Black Northern Women, spoke about how discrimination reduces the morale of black people.

She told Sheffield Wire: “you call someone a dog they act like a dog.”

Carol Stewart

She grew up in Sheffield, and spoke about her own struggles with racism: “Me and three of my white friends played this game and I always had to be the servant.”

Carol decided to be courageous and tell her story so that she could be a role model for her son.

She is an award-winning coach for high-achieving women, and she is also the director of the coaching company Abounding Solutions.

Carol is hoping that the conference, which will feature speakers, networking and panel discussions, will provide a “sense of sisterhood and connection” for people who may have had similar experiences.

Women who own black businesses will be given an opportunity to showcase their products.

The keynote speaker  will be award-winning comedian, actor, writer, director, presenter and producer Angie Le Mar.

Angie Le Mar

Angie, 56, spoke about her experiences starting out in the comedy industry: “stand up comedy was a hard world because it was predominantly men.

I remember being in a changing room and a man used the toilet in the basin and I thought ‘what is this?’”

Angie said she’s excited to be speaking at the event as “it’s important to tell your story.”

Carol sincerely hopes that the event will be sold out.

She said: “It would be fantastic. It would send a powerful message that black women are a force to be reckoned with.”

Written by Luke Gyesi-Appiah

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