Cyclists raise nearly £700 to help local children’s hospice

Written by Lauren Kelly

Over 60 bikers set out on an 80-mile cycle yesterday to raise money for Bluebell Wood hospice.

Sitwell Cycling Club put on a reliability ride where anyone can sign up and test out their bike and any money raised will be donated to Bluebell Wood children’s hospice.

A reliability ride is an organised bike ride with designated check points and time limit.

Sitwell cycling club is based in Rotherham.

Bluebell Wood is a children’s hospice that opened in 2008 in North Anston just outside of Sheffield.

Communications officer for the hospice, Robert Langley, 39, said: “Before the hospice opened there wasn’t an end of life provision for children and young people at all.”

Mr Langley said the pandemic was a really difficult period for the hospice, which was 50% down on expected funding, but since events like the bike ride have started back up they find themselves in a healthier position.

The hospice is one of the very few places aimed at children in the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire area.

The Sitwell Cycling Club is a local group with around 200 members who take part in regular bike rides.

James Fox, 40, who is on the committee for Sitwell Cycling Club, said the group pick the charity by accepting nominations from club members and deciding which one they think would be the best fit. They picked Bluebell Wood because of the huge impact in the community and the effect it has had on multiple members of the club.

On the day, Mr Fox said the bike ride had raised nearly £700 for the hospice, and for the first ever reliability ride, this was a great turnout.

Ulley village hall, is the starting point for the ride.

There was three routes for riders to choose from, with the 80 mile, 60 mile and 40 mile all starting from Ulley town hall.

The 80-mile bikers set off on their ride.

At the event yesterday, one cycling member spoke to Sheffield Wire and said Bluebell Wood is very close to his family because his godson has down syndrome and he feels connected to the hospice because of the help they offered to him and the work they do for children with terminal illness’.

Written by Lauren Kelly

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