Lost monkey reunited with his canine companion after a wild night out with Sheffield students

Written by Lydia Patrick

A group of friends took a lost monkey out on the lash in Sharrow before he was returned to his owner, Chester the Lurcher.

Chester reunited with his hungover monkey mate.

Last Saturday, Edward Willis, 22, was visiting friends when they found a lost monkey on the pavement. They knew using the power of Crookes Community Facebook group there was a chance it would get back to his rightful owner, but first, a night of monkey business.

Keeping warm from the Sheffield cold, with a coat and a beer skin.

Mr Willis said: “We’d already had a couple of drinks, we thought it would be hilarious. The Crookes page is a proper little community in Sheffield so we hoped it would get back to its’ owner and cheer a few people up.”

The people of Crookes got Mr Monkey back to safety.

The group monkey bar-ed down Sharrow Vale road from the Porter Cottage to the Lescar back to a friend’s house until 3am.

Mr Monkey Exhaust-ed from his late night antics.

Abbeydale deception was the beverage of choice.

According to Mr Willis, The Monkey, who has no name, was not drunk and disorderly compared to the rest of the group and kept them in good stead as the pints flowed.

Lions and Monkeys and… Pints, oh my!

Sheila Kearney contacted Mr Willis after seeing the post, and Chester the Lurcher was reunited with his worse-for-wear friend.

Reunited at last!

Written by Lydia Patrick

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