30,000 trees to be planted on Totley Moor to kickstart biodiversity

Written by Jessica Lionnel

A team of people from Sheffield took to the moors on Sunday morning to plant 300 trees in an attempt to boost wildlife in the area.

The event, dubbed ‘the planting’, was a smaller part of a much bigger scheme set to last throughout the year.

Avid tree planter Philip Unger, 41, came all the way from Bochum, Germany to support the event.

He said the city, which is twinned with Sheffield, has a huge amount of climate activists, all of whom are interested in collaborating with Sheffield’s tree cause.

He said: “For a week we have been driving around Sheffield making pop-up exhibitions at old protest sites where trees were saved. For example, we went to Heeley city farm.

“If there is good education on topics like this there should be enough people that say stop. We are lucky that enough of these people are in Sheffield.”

He hopes in the future Bochum activists will be more involved with Sheffield’s aim.

The scheme, which was started by the Eastern Moors Partnership, was facilitated by Ecclesall ward Green Party candidate, Peter Gilbert, 38.

He said the group came about after the street tree protests.

Mr Gilbert continued: “During that time it was traumatic for the people involved protecting the trees in Sheffield and one of the members of the group had the great idea of creating a group, almost a therapy session, to feel a bit connected and regenerated. I have simply carried out her work and kept going.”

Mr Gilbert said the planting was vital for the survival not only of the moors but also Sheffield itself.

He claimed planting trees would benefit Sheffield greatly as they would be useful for flood prevention.

The project is being funded by a Woodland Creation grant ran by the government.

Eastern Moors Partnership is currently looking at the next phase of woodland establishment in the area for the next 10 years.

Written by Jessica Lionnel

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