‘Having the trike would be like having my legs back’: Fundraising campaign to buy Sheffield amputee hand-controlled trike

Written by Andrew McLean

A campaign has been launched to raise £40,000 to buy a modified motorbike for a life-long biker who lost both his legs in March last year.

Darren Rix had both legs amputated after he contracted Sepsis in March 2021. He also suffered a heart attack and kidney failure following the operation and was told he only had days to live.

He has made a miraculous recovery since but he has largely spent it isolated at home.

The organiser of the fundraiser, Steve Eyre 61, said: “It would be life changing for him to get this trike.

“Every weekend he used to travel all over the country to all the big conventions. He’s gone from that to being, you know, a virtual prisoner in his own home. Having the trike would give him his freedom back.”

Mr Rix, from the Abbeydale area of the city, said: “I’ve been in the house for two years now and it’s been driving me mad. Having the trike would be like having my legs back.

“It would bring me so much joy and I would be out in it all the time.”


Before the pandemic, Mr Rix would travel between comic book conventions and memorabilia events across the country.

The modified trike would allow him to start getting around the country again.

The fundraisers have been quoted £40,000 by trike specialists, Trike Guys. Mr Eyre’s company World of Superheroes would then cover all the running costs to keep Darren going. 

Mr Eyre, from Mosborough, said: “He’s done so much over the years for different charities. He’s always offered up different models to go to auction and he’s helped so many people over his lifetime. It would be massive to give something back and getting his freedom back would mean everything to him. 

“If everyone was able to donate a pound to it then we will get there.” 

Anyone who would like to donate to the fundraiser can find a link to it here.

Written by Andrew McLean

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