Rare female triplet goats born at Heeley City Farm

Written by Romesa Razzaq

A golden Guernsey goat gave birth to an extremely rare set of all-female triplets  on International Women’s Day.

Sarah Wild, the Animal Manager at Heeley City Farm said:  “It is just unbelievable. We are really proud of this farm and what it has done.”

Heeley City Farm welcomed the trio into the world on the 14 March and are yet to name the whole clan.

Sarah Wild, Animal Manager at Heeley City Farm

The farm park work through the alphabet to name new-borns and are currently on the letter J. One of the kids has been named Jinx.

Sarah Wild, an animal manager at Heeley City Park explained how the park is part of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and they aim to protect native British breeds.

They protect animals in danger of extinction and hope to rear more endangered breeds.

In 2020, the Rare Breed Survival Trust put the Golden Guernsey goat on their watchlist.

Written by Romesa Razzaq

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