‘Powerful’ film of exiled young Ukrainian gymnast shown as part of Sheffield’s fundraising efforts

Written by Qi Ding

Sheffield Showroom Cinema staged a special screening of the new film Olga to support Ukraine on 25th March.

From each ticket sold for screenings at cinemas around the country, a donation will be made to support Ukraine via the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Doncaster Art Auction

The previews result from a partnership with 606 Distribution and the BFI.

Olga is the story of a young female Ukrainian gymnast forced to train in exile.

A 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast Olga, training for the European Championship in preparation for the Olympics, is forced to move to Switzerland from her home in Kyiv, where her mother works as an investigative journalist reporting on the Euromaidan protests.

One of the Cushions at Doncaster Auction

Rose Butler, programme manager of Showroom Cinema, said: “I think it’s a really powerful way of being able to do that. And I think a lot of people feel a little bit helpless about what they’re able to do to support this. It’s something that I think the independent film sector can do and contribute in a positive way.

“And also to be able to show a really vibrant Ukrainian film that people may not otherwise get the chance to see, so it feels really good to support both of those things.”

Anton Levsiushkin, 41, A Ukrainian who lives in Rotherham, said, “I came here just before the mighty revolution for a training of two months, and I watched the whole start with myself, so I can really relate to it.”

Sheffield Music Fundraising performance poster

Mr Levsiushkin said: “I’m very grateful to organisers and promoters to make any like a charitable event and take us to go to the whatever fund they’re going to.”

This March, South Yorkshire has raised money for refugees in Ukraine through film screenings, concerts, and art sales.

Doncaster artists held an art auction on 20th March at the Wool Market. And all of the proceeds will go to Ukraine. Art auctions have seen artists print their paintings on suede effect cushions, with prices ranging from £20 to £35.

Besides film screenings and artwork auctions, Sheffield’s music industry also hosted fundraising events.

Dorothy Pax Music Venue hosted a live concert at Sheffield’s Victoria Quays earlier in March on 17th, with all proceeds going to Warchild and DEC Humanitarian Appeal.


Written by Qi Ding

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