New exhibition opens in Fargate showcasing talent from disabled artists

Written by Jack Lister

An exhibition showcasing sculptures, paintings and drawings made by artists with a range of disabilities has opened in Chapel Gate, Fargate.

The exhibition, put on by Burton Street Foundation, supports people with additional needs, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artists themselves.

An Artists work

Spokesperson for the exhibition, Claire Challis, said: “A lot of staff have put in a lot of hard work into this, hours and hours beyond their normal working day.

“They do that because it’s worth it. The furthest distance a painting has travelled was 5,000 miles from Sheffield, with one going to India.”

One artist called Adnan spent several months cutting out parts of cardboard, painting them and making them into larger pieces.

Adnan’s work

The exhibition is open until the end of this month, with preparations for next year’s exhibition already underway.

Written by Jack Lister

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