Protest to call for protection of transgender people from conversion therapy in Sheffield this weekend

Written by Lauren Kelly

A protest against conversion therapy is taking place in Sheffield this weekend.

Despite outlining the ban on all types of conversion therapy the government announced early this month that the ban would not cover gender identity, meaning transgender individuals are not covered.

According to NHS England, conversion therapy tries to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

A recent survey by YouGov found despite the governments disgraceful U-turns on outlawing conversion therapy then excluding trans people from the ban, 62% of people are still in support of the ban for all types of LGBTQ+ people.

Chrissy Meleady MBE, CEO of equalities and human rights UK said: “It is archaic and abusive practice that has no place in our 21st century Britain.

“The conversion ban ignores the trans community and their experiences of being of being the subjects of exorcisms, corrective rapes, being forcibly taken from the country and being forced into ‘spiritual interventions'”.

Photo of Christine Meleady MBE

Christine Meleady MBE, equalities and human rights UK

The weekend’s protest aims to draw attention to any issues in Sheffield with conversion therapy but also to demonstrate to the government the issues with not outlining this ban for everyone. The event will feature a speech from Olivia Blake, the current labour MP for Sheffield Hallam, an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights who wants the protest to influence the governments decision to implement a full ban on conversion therapy.

Chrissy Meleady said: “Equalities and human rights UK supports victims and survivors of conversion therapy and we have made formal requests to Sheffield city council to designate Sheffield a conversion therapy free city.”

The protest against conversion therapy will take place Saturday 30 April outside Sheffield town hall at 11AM.

Video and updates from the event to follow.

Written by Lauren Kelly

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