Sheffield Steelers defeated by The Dundee Stars

Written by Jessica Lionnel

The Stars defeated Sheffield’s ice hockey team in yesterday’s quarter final game, leaving them out of the play off finals.

They upped the ante towards the third period and the overall score stood at 4-3 to The Stars.

The Steelers remained successful in the first and second period.

The first period had the audience at the edge of their seats with Marco Vallerand scoring twice within the first 14 minutes.

The Steelers then took the lead by 3-0 within a minute of the second period beginning.

Following this, things took a turn for The Steelers.

In the third period, Martin Latal whizzed by The Stars defenders and scored within just 39 seconds of the period starting.

However, minutes later, Stars player Kalzis Olzols, scored making the score 1-3. The Stars remained on an undefeatable high.

Bengstsson then took his turn to score with only 7.34 minutes remaining until the end of the match closing in the score at 2-3.

Almost an hour into the game, Bengstsson whacked in a goal drawing The Stars and The Steelers.

Bengtsson delivered the final blow before the end of the match, meaning The Stars won by 4-3. The hat trick knocked The Steelers out of the play off finals.

The Stars will play next weekend at the play off finals in Nottingham.


Written by Jessica Lionnel

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