Karen’s Diner – the awful service and rude staff taking Sheffield by storm

Written by Liam O'Connor

In recent times, many have feared being branded with the label of a ‘Karen’, yet this Sheffield restaurant embraces the tag and wears it with pride.

Originally an Australian chain which has just crossed the pond, customers can expect to be insulted, sworn at, given poor service and a thoroughly entertaining time at the UK’s only branch.

Paul Levin, of Karen’s Sheffield on Suffolk Road, said: “We were a little apprehensive taking Karen’s to Sheffield after Sydney and Brisbane, but how wrong we were.”

“It’s been wonderful, we’ve had a great time so far and long may it continue.”

Karen’s offers a dining experience like no other, where patrons could be randomly chosen to spin the ‘wheel of misfortune’, featuring tasks ranging from charades, karaoke and ‘fashion catwalk’.

Perhaps the worst forfeit on offer is the ‘interrupting Karen’, where two random people inside the diner from different tables must switch seats for several minutes.

Customers celebrating their birthday will be treated to a rousing rendition of the house favourite, “Happy Birthday, F**k Off!”

The dreaded ‘wheel of misfortune’

The staff include a mixture of those with theatre backgrounds, and some who generally have the right character and flair to work in such a place.

“We look for people with a bloody good sense of humour, and somebody who has a little bit of sparkle about them,” Paul said.

“We don’t want people acting in Karen’s, we want people to be a Karen themselves, so we need a natural person with some flair.”

The diner – which serves a wide range of burgers, sides and cocktails – has generally received rave reviews since opening last month, with customers rarely leaving dissatisfied with the unique experience.

“We had two people come in who I don’t think had any idea what they were walking into, and I don’t blame them,” Paul said.

“Most people who come into Karen’s Diner know exactly what to expect and it’s our job not to let them down.”

Albeit perhaps not for the faint-hearted, there is little doubt that the vast majority who enter Karen’s leave with a smile.

Written by Liam O'Connor

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